Find tab

It is a visual element used to determine the search parameters. It is a tree comprised of operations and operands.
The operand is a list-type node of the tree. Each operation can be comprised of child operations and operands.
The operation is a node determining the logical operation that will be added to the formed search condition. A context menu is available for each operation.

Determining search conditions for dimension members

A drop-down menu for the operation includes the following commands:

Command Description
And Changes the operation type to AND.
Or Changes the operation type to OR.
Add operation Adds a new operation to the list of child operations.
Add operand Adds a new operand to the list of child operations.
Delete Deletes all child operands and operations for this operation.

The operand is a list-type tree element describing the filtering condition. The operand is comprised of three parts: properties, conditions, and values.
The user selects properties from a dropdown list:

Selecting properties for search

The user selects the condition also from a dropdown list:

Selecting the condition for search

The user must enter the search value in the respective text field. An example of combined search using various conditions is shown in the figure: searching for bicycles ML Road, red or Sport, blue.
The Find button activates search for the dimension members meeting the selection criteria. The found members and the number or found members are shown in the search results window.

Search results window

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