Supported Cultures

Change a current culture
If you want to change a current culture in the Sample Web Application, you will need to:
  1. Just open the solution Ranet.UILibrary.Olap.Samples.sln in Visual Studio 2010/2012 (it is usually located in the folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Ranet.UILibrary.Olap-2.5 Samples\UILibrary.Olap\Cs\")
  2. In the method Application_Startup (file App.xaml.cs) define current culture
  3. And compiled the Projects
All work is completed, you can run the Sample Web Application.

How to use the resources of the localization in the our application
Look at an example Sample Web Application:

1. Unload Project


2. Edit Project Properties


3. Find tag <SupportedCultures> and insert:


4. Save and Close

5. Reload Project


6. Open File App.xaml.cs and edit CurrentUICulture


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