Powerfull Widgets for OLAP

  • PivotTable
    • Dynamic PivotTable with Cube choice
    • Dynamic PivotTable with Multi-page
    • Simple PivotTable
    • KPI Viewer
  • Gauge KPI
  • Cube Browser
  • Choice and Integration
    • Metadata (Cube, Dimension, Hierarchy, Level) Choice
    • Member Choice
    • Measure Choice
    • Date Picker
    • Sliler
    • Dual Slider
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Ranet Pivot Table. Key Features

Features HTML5 WPF Silverlight
Design mode based on typical settings layout areas (Filters, Column, Row, Data) Yes Yes Yes
Design reports by Drag and Drop Yes Yes Yes
Interactive analysis for any MDX query, including: Expand, Collapse, Drilldown, Detalize with parent, NON EMPTY for Rows/Columns, Rotate axes Yes Yes Yes
MDX Query Generator Yes Yes Yes
Optimized algorithm to generate an MDX Query Yes Yes Yes
MDX Syntax Parsing Engine Yes Yes Yes
Saving the report layout in the repository on the server with the possibility of classification (general or private) and the load (Serialization) Yes Yes Yes
History Report Layout Design Yes Yes
Label Filters : Equals-Greater-Less-Begin-End-Contains-Between Yes Yes Yes
Value Filters : Equals-Greater-Less-Between Yes Yes Yes
Top-Bottom Filters: Count-Percent-Sum Yes Yes Yes
Filtering through the MDX functions (Children/Item, Children/Item, Descendants) with the ability to exclude certain items Yes Yes Yes
Auto detailing data for a cell with a focus on adding a new hierarchy in the report layout Yes Yes Yes
Drill down by... Yes Yes
Choose which items are included in the metadata tree and which are excluded Yes Yes
Design mode based on the "manual" (user) MDX query Yes Yes
Custom Calculation Designer Yes Yes Yes
Export/Import Custom Calculations to the repository through a XML-file Yes Yes
Styles and Formatting of the Cube Yes Yes Yes
KPI Support Yes Yes Yes
Gauge KPI Yes Yes
Chart Integration Yes Yes
Geomap Integration Yes
Sparkline Yes Yes
Slicer Yes Yes
Custom Cell Style Designer (conditional formatting) Yes Yes
Export/Import Styles settins to the repository through a XML-file Yes Yes
Save/Load history navigation in the PivotGrid Yes
Themes Yes Yes
Multilanguage Yes Yes Yes
Writeback supported (What-If Analysis) Yes Yes
Export data in Excel/XML Yes Yes Yes
MS SSAS (multidimensional and tabular models, local cubes) Yes Yes Yes
MS SSAS alternative XML/A server supported, discussion MS SSAS alternative XML/A server Yes Yes Yes
DAX Query Generator, discussion DAX Query Generator Yes Yes Yes
DAX Query Designer In progress
LINQ Generator In progress
LINQ Designer In progress
Powerfull Designer and Analysis Forms for OLAP (ABC/XYZ and others) In progress In progress

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