What's new Ranet OLAP 3.5.1103

  • Drill down by services in Dynamic PivotGrid
RL Drill down by.png
  • Expand/Collapse on named sets/custom sets
  • PivotEditor styles impl xMetropol
  • Input form #2 refactored
  • CustomTreeNode Mouse click fixed Small changes for WPF version
  • UIService refactoring
  • Export excel WPF version fixed
  • ProductInfo dependency fixed
  • Excel export should not include Special member property MEMBER_TYPE
  • CustomPropertySelector.New line for hierachy
  • ValueDeliveryControl TextAlignment changed to Right
  • Fixed export style errors
  • FolderChoicePopUp.DoubleClick during removing a file
  • Transfer data feature for columns fixed
  • PivotEditor Cut command added to ContextMenu
  • Clipboard access exception fixed
  • FilterDescriptionControl memory leak fixed
  • Server side AdomdConnectionException localization
  • Installer fixed: sample source code added

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