What's new Ranet OLAP 3.5.1184

  • ProcessCube fixed
  • Saving a report with changed description
  • PIR 102.153431. NullReferenceException at PivotAreasQueryDesignerControl.
  • CellSetData optimization in PivotEditorForm
  • CellDataExtension refactoring
  • Excel Export added format checking.(using regex)
  • Reset QueryTransform after UpdateablePivotGrid initialization NullReferenceException fixed
  • Excel export cellformat standard
  • UpdateablePivotGrid write-back fixed
  • Excel export fixed
  • CellSetData deserialization fixed
  • PivotEditor session command provider fixed
  • PivotEditor button state management fixed
  • Include custom calctulation in drilldown
  • Excel export iframe is set invisible
  • PIR 102.152467 Message and special characters were changed
  • Active filters for Excel export fixed DrillDown filtering
  • ControlActionType new items added Localization impl
  • CellPropertyCollection hash code and equality fixed
  • Export error regarding mergered cells. was fixed.
  • Excel export refactoring
  • Checking file name while saving report
  • PIR 102.152467 Checking file name while saving report
  • PivotEditor button enable state management
  • CellSetData serialization performance improvement
  • CellSetData server deserialization
  • PIR 102.145990 no notification when user dosn't have access saving files
and more...

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