What's new Ranet OLAP 3.5.1000

  • 102.145231 A type casting Error in the formation of the form of analysis
  • 102.145212 Removed memory leak

What's new Ranet OLAP 3.5.999

  • 102.144883 - MemberChoice loadnext loads from the 2nd element after positioning
  • 102.144872 - Copy/Paste skips empty rows
  • 102.145065 - Button Export to Excel
  • 102.144748 - To Give a hint to the user if the form of the analysis of the query was not successfully executed
  • 102.144667 - When you try to save a row in the entry form, no message, no issues, just the cell becomes empty
  • 102.144666 - No message when you try to save data when the Olap Server is not available
  • 102.144665 - Add setting in the entry form
  • 102.144516 - Error in the formation of the elements in DRILLDOWNMEMBER
  • Error configuring filters by value
  • Corrected the error with assignment dp text invalid values in the moment of the click in the context menu, paste, cut
  • DrillTrough results in non modal window
  • Fixed: refreshing Active Filters when DPGC is initialized by tuples
  • Default value for buttons in the toolbar PivotEditor
  • DrillDown on cells new mode impl
  • xMetropol latest version

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