Ranet OLAP 3.7.238 WPF/Silverlight

April 27, 2016
  • Optimized algorithm for generating MDX queries
  • Supported by the navigation history to SET
  • Saving a report with changed description
  • Fixed exception regarding Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • 102.153431. NullReferenceException at PivotAreasQueryDesignerControl
  • 102.153251. Subscribing on event PerformStorageActionCompleted many times
  • 102.151114. Set the first style by default after deleting one
  • Added directory name when access is denied to this directory, fixed issues regarding themes
  • Implemented setting up selected connection after modifying
  • QueryTransform filter refactoring
  • CellSetData optimization
  • MdxQuery builder refactoring
  • fix retrieve metadata for icCube
and others...

Ranet OLAP 3.7 WPF+Silverlight Release History on CodePlex

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