Ranet OLAP 3.7.288 WPF/Silverlight

August 5, 2016
  • Filtering the metadata for Dynamic PivotGrid
  • Example with filters on metadata
  • Updated examples for DataPicker and UpdateanlePivotGrid
  • Updated example for PivotGrid
  • Updated demo for WPF
  • Connection for tabular models
  • Fixed bug with generation NotContain filter in MDX
  • Refined Slider, Member, Measure Choice
  • Aded initializing by default
  • Set up AccordionItem padding
  • SessionCommandProvider: throw null exception fixed
  • QueryBuilder kinds refactoring
  • PivotGridControl: row area scroll fixed MemberChoice refactoring
  • PivotGrid column width estimation fixed
  • OutOfMemory exception handling Mdx textbox refactoring
  • OlapDataService double zip query result fixed
  • MemberChoice: select visible impl
  • MemberChoice options impl MemberChoice select visible modes
  • LevelFilterBuilder: fixed MeasureChoiceDropDown for WPF
  • InvalidOperationException fixed in ImageChoice
  • HeadFilter removed MemberChoice select visible refactoring
  • Generate Mdx on Tab item (context menu) is fixed
  • Fixed democenter installer
  • Downloaded DemoModule build fixed
and others...

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