Ranet OLAP 3.7.346 WPF/Silverlight

November 17, 2016

Dynamic PivotTable

  • DynamicPivotGridControl refactoring
  • Error in the template of the MDX query for composite filters
  • DynamicPivotGridControl UserStorage race fixed
  • ProcessCubeControl trace output fixed section DynamicPivotGrid fixed default initialization
  • Named sets cannot be moved between areas of rows and columns
  • Hide empty rows/columns for the report with saved state fixed
  • The reset command resets report settings without prompting-warnings
  • Initializing by Tuples fixed
  • After removing the hierarchy and adding a level of the hierarchy in the layout does not delete history

Simple PivotTable

  • Navigation PivotGridControl keyboard fixed
  • Columns splitter slab splitter RowArea fixed
  • Fixed error with incorrect displaying of icons in the cells in the PivotGrid when you change the scale of the table

Demo Center

  • HTTPS support
  • In the installer added examples of Analytical Forms
  • Removes the dependency on the WPF version from the server
  • ServiceLocator default DataLoader/StorageManager plants fixed
  • Implements the example settings in the toolbar in the PivotTable

Ranet OLAP 3.7 WPF+Silverlight Release History on CodePlex

Learn more about Ranet UI on Galaktikasoft


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