Ranet OLAP 3.7.355 WPF/Silverlight

December 7, 2016
  • DynamicPivotGrid Init by tuples fixed
  • MeasureChoice invalidoperation on reopening fixed Sort options fixed xMetropol 0.0.89
  • DynamicPivotGrid: Active filters captions fixed Null reference exception fixed xMetropol 0.0.88 Obsolete theme resources removed
  • DynamicPivotGrid UserStorage race condition fixed
  • Row area: last visible column should be visible if it could be arranged with minimal width DynamicPivotGrid storage manager
  • DynamicPivotGrid: Active filters captions fixed ServerDataLoader execution on thread pool instead of UI thread on task continuation fixed
  • xMetropol 0.0.85 Silverlight Toolkit reference through nuget Namespace fixed
  • absent assemblies for demo web application added export to excel download link fixed favicon
  • MemberChoice: NOT AND and NOT OR in MDX query builder
  • QueryBuilder kinds refactoring
  • LevelFilterBuilder: fixed MeasureChoiceDropDown for WPF
  • PivotGridControl navigation with keyboard fixed
  • Columns splitter overlapping with RowArea splitter fixed
  • RowAreaSplitter max width should not exceed 0.8 of total grid width
  • PivotGrid column width estimation fixed
  • Implemented lazy loading for levels. CubeBrowserBuilder
  • Using refactoring PivotGridControl row area splitter refactoring CalcMember localization
  • MenuItemSeparator fixed
  • Theme refactoring
  • Windows authentication disabled for downloaded sample
  • Https commented out (not working on Cassini)
  • LocalIIS -> IISExpress
  • 102.161056 - Subcube is lost while loading the measurement data in the metadata tree
  • 102.157656 Named sets can not be moved between regions of rows and columns
  • Fixed bugs when deleting a special element in PivotMdxDesignerControl
  • DemoCenter fixed ServiceLocator default DataLoader/StorageManager factories fixed
  • Democenter Application class refactoring

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